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Liquid Soil Activator (LSA)

LSA  – recommended as an initial soil spray when starting biodynamics.  It can be used as a foliar spray and as a soil conditioner. It aids plant establishment, reduces transplant shock, stimulates root growth, enhances flowering, promotes healthy growth and encourages microbial activity.

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LSA is a soil and plant tonic.  Aids fertility, stimulates bacteria and fungi that bring trace elements into the soil.  Repairs badly contaminated or degraded soils.  Recommended as an initial soil spray when starting.

Note.  Quality of  diluting water.  We recommend that dilution water is structured, either via flow forming for at least ten minutes, or via use of an inline structuring device such as the various Phion MEA models.  This product still works with untreated water works however, with reduced effect.


What is structured water and why we recommend it?

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