What is Biodynamics?

Biodynamics is arguably the world’s most environmentally friendly farming and gardening system.  Wherever it is practiced, natural ecosystems are activated and/or bolstered.

By avoidance of chemical use in the form of soluble fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, biodynamic practice leads to a balanced, resilient and productive soil foodweb wherever it is applied. These areas are then capable of sustaining production of nutrient-rich food, and form an environment with resistance to weed invasion. 

Farms employing biodynamic principles invariably achieve high rates of carbon sequestration in their soils, thus have higher soil moisture retention leading to less water runoff and in turn to significantly enhanced drought resistance. 

This environmentally friendly system also applies to remnant and replanted native vegetation on farms, as the beneficial effects extend to the whole property. The ethos of biodynamics applies to all elements of the farm or garden and especially to restoration of previously degraded areas. Mine site and post-bushfire rehabilitation is a strong prospect for biodynamic application.