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Deepen Your Biodynamic Practice Workshop

August 2 - August 3

Enhance your farm and garden with biodynamics

As an integral part of our biodynamic community, you are already familiar with the transformative power of biodynamics in enhancing farm productivity, fertility, and overall ecological health. Join us for a specialised workshop that dives deeper into the sophisticated art and science of biodynamics, a field that has shaped global agriculture for nearly a century.

Our workshop is designed for those of you looking to deepen your engagement with biodynamic principles, whether you’re aiming to improve health through diet, seeking a closer connection to your food’s source, or enhancing your farm’s natural lifestyle. Here, we provide advanced insights and practical tools tailored for the sustainable and prosperous development of your agricultural practices.

Workshop Highlights Include:

  • The Vitality of Soil: Elevate your understanding of living, breathing soil—the foundation of ecological health.
  • Enhancing Soil Fertility: Learn advanced methods to enrich your soil and boost plant health.
  • Optimising Resource Management: Master strategies to maximise the efficiency of your natural resources.
  • Hands-On Preparations: Engage in detailed training on crafting and applying biodynamic preparations.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Address farming challenges with holistic, integrated solutions.
  • Building Climate Resilience: Strengthen your ability to withstand environmental challenges through sustainable practices.

This advanced workshop caters to a wide array of participants, from seasoned gardeners and horticulturists to those managing extensive cropping systems and livestock. Beyond refining your techniques, this course serves as a gateway to our seasonal Biodynamic Preparation Making Workshops, offering you a chance to master specific biodynamic preparations each spring and autumn.

Join Us to Further Your Biodynamic Journey. Take this opportunity to expand upon your existing knowledge, applying biodynamic practices more effectively and creatively on your own land. Let’s continue to grow together, shaping a more fruitful, resilient, and vibrant agriculture future.

We look forward to welcoming you and deepening our shared commitment to biodynamic farming.

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