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Soil Activator

Soil Activator creates a healthy balance in the soil, enhancing the breakdown of organic matter and attracting beneficial fungi, bacteria and earthworms.

Applying soil activator is a simple and effective way to bring the influences of all the preparations to the farm or home garden in one application. It is put out over the whole garden area, including the lawns.

This will strongly stimulate the living components of the soil known as the soil foodweb. It will enhance the breakdown of organic matter, boost the beneficial fungi and bacteria, and dramatically increase the earthworm population. Furthermore, by generating more humus, soil activator develops moisture retention in the soil, leads to greater plant resilience, and thus creates drought resistance in the garden and production areas.

It is composed of all of the following preparations:

horn manure 500, horn silica 501, compost preparations 502 to 507, equisetum 508, all year horn clay, horn basalt and crushed eggshells.

Please note we recommend that the dilution water is structured water, click here to read more

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Application Rates:

Farm – 75g in 35 litres of water per hectare

Garden – 15g – 1 heaped desertspoon – in 7 to 10 litres of water per home garden (approx. 1000 square metres/quarter acre – 75g is sufficient for 5 home garden applications)


After 3pm add the soil activator to good quality water, using rain water if possible. If using town water, leave in the bucket for several hours so that the chlorine can evaporate. If using bore water, ensure that there is no contamination from excess iron, aluminium or calcium.

For a home garden, stir in a copper, stainless steel, glazed ceramic or a food grade plastic bucket with a stick or by hand, creating a vortex and then reversing the direction of stirring until you have created another vortex. Continue to stir in this manner for 20 minutes. This kind of stirring allows the powerful forces within the soil activator to be taken up by the water. Then sprinkle it out sparingly, in large droplets, over the garden and pot plants using a hearth brush.

For a farm, use a stirring machine or flowform, then strain into a spray tank and spray out in large droplets onto the soil in the same manner as for the other soil preparations.

If you are time poor, why not use our Liquid Soil Activator, which is liquid form and pre-stirred.

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