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Valerian (507) – enriches compost/ameliorates frost/stimulates the soil food web and flowering

Made from the flowers.  Can provide protection from late frost and warms a compost heap.

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Made of the flowers.  Stimulates the phosphorus process and mobilises the phosphorus activating bacterial in the soil, as well as selenium and magnesium.

  • In the compost heap, the purpose of the Valerian spray is to surround the heap with protective warmth.
  • This quality can be put to good use for the prevention of late and early frost damage. If there is a serious risk of night frosts, spray the crops with a fine spray late in the evening with a valerian solution. As a rule there will be no damage from temperatures dropping to -3 or -4°C.

Application: Cropping application – 10ml of Valerian stirred for 10 minutes in 125 litres of water over 1 hectare, in a garden application a 5ml vial stirred for 10 minutes in 8-15 litres of water. Spray in the evening prior to a frost event, as a fine mist over the plant/s. This application would need to be repeated if experiencing on-going frost events.

  • If Valerian is sprayed onto flowering plants and fodder crops grown for seed when the shoots are about 15-20cm high and again, just before they come into flower, the flowering process will be greatly stimulated. Crops will flower abundantly and at a good pace in sunny weather, ensuring a greatly enhanced yield.

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