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Valerian (507) – compost preparation

A tincture made from the flowers.  Can provide protection from late frost and warms a compost heap.

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A tincture made of the flowers.  Stimulates the phosphorus process and mobilises the phosphorus activating bacterial in the soil, as well as selenium and magnesium.

In the compost heap, the purpose of the Valerian spray is to surround the heap with protective warmth. This quality can be put to good use for the prevention of late and early frost damage. If there is a serious risk of night frosts, spray the crops with a fine spray late in the evening with a valerian solution. As a rule there will be no damage from temperatures dropping to -3 or -4°C.

If Valerian is sprayed onto flowering plants and fodder crops grown for seed when the shoots are about 15-20cm high and again, just before they come into flower, the flowering process will be greatly stimulated. Crops will flower abundantly and at a good pace in sunny weather, ensuring a greatly enhanced yield.

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