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Supercharge your garden with Valerian flower extract

John Hodgkinson

Valerian flower extract, in biodynamics known as Preparation 507, wakes things up in garden, horticulture and farm settings.

Spraying the stirred preparation over a garden, market garden, nursery, orchard or vineyard, acts like a “match” that lights up the fire of life in the soil and plants. This is what we call its “phosphorus gesture”.

Not only are the myriad soil microorganisms stimulated, but earthworms begin to breed faster, and beneficial soil fungi proliferate.

Valerian flower extract also stimulates flowering on whatever plants it is sprayed on, even on cacti. For this, check out

It also enhances microbial activity and nutrient availability in composting, whether in the backyard compost heap, bulk manure from beef or chicken confinement operations (CFOs), or liquid manures (e.g. nettle, comfrey, weeds, garden waste).

To cap the spectacular attributes of this wonderful stimulant, there’s amelioration of frost damage to plants by influencing plant water content and cellular metabolism. The extract acts as a natural antifreeze agent, preventing ice crystal formation and reducing cellular injury, very useful for late frosts in vineyards and of out-of-season vegetables.

At Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd, your local not-for-profit, we recommend 5ml stirred for 10 minutes in 8-15 litres of water and sprayed out (or applied with a watering can) over backyard  plants and soil. For larger areas, 10ml/ha is stirred in 125 litres of water and sprayed out.

Valerian flower extract is available for purchase on our website

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