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This kit will suit home gardeners who have been working with biodynamics for a while. We recommend starting out with Soil Activator, which includes all of the biodynamic preparations, to kick start your garden into biodynamics and then to move onto the Home Garden Kit or individual preparations, depending on your needs.

The kit comes in two sizes.  Generally the small kit is sufficient as it will cover up to up to 0.4 of a hectare (1 acre), and the larger kit covers 1 hectare.

The small kit contains:

  1. 100g of Biodynamic Combined Soil Preparation made up of Horn Manure(500), Biodynamic Manure Concentrate, Winter Horn Clay and Fermented Equisetum (508). The Biodynamic Combined Soil Preparation is a really convenient way to add the preparations to your soil.Biodynamic Atmospheric Spray made up of Horn Silica (501), Summer Horn Clay and Fresh Equisetum (508). These are sprayed into the air early in the morning (before 9 am) after spraying the soil preps the afternoon/evening before. They help reduce fungal diseases and increase photosynthesis and used on its own towards the end of growing season, 501 helps to complete ripening, colouring, flavour and keeping qualities of crops such as grains, fruits and hay. The amount in the kit is sufficient for up to four applications.
  2. Small Set of Biodynamic Compost Preparations – Yarrow (502), Chamomile (503), Nettle (504), Oak Bark (505), Dandelion (506) and Valerian (507). Sufficient for up to 3 tonnes or 12 cubic metres of compost material, or to make up to 200 litres of liquid manure.
  3. The kit comes with complete instructions about using the different elements.

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